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This site isn’t just about Brizzy and Emma’s friendship. However inspiring or unusual it is–this site is all about stepping forward; getting out of comfort zones, trying unsweetened lattes, music, taking the scenic route, welcoming vulnerability, embracing change, saying goodbye, shouting hellos, thoughtful captures, nostalgia, love, passion, and courage. Brizzy and Emma’s friendship certainly sparked something ferocious and this is where they start:


Writers and Story Tellers

As writers, we are here to document stories. We are all about capturing the essence of a person and their voice. Especially individuals who feel like they don’t have a platform or feel as if they don’t know how to utilize their platform. We want to help turn whispers into roars through words.
Brizzy’s specialty are emotions and lyrics. Brizzy can turn heartache into a melodious poem, and loss into a song. She is here for metaphors and symbolism.
Emma’s expertise lies in construct and structure; you can feel and taste the experiences she writes about; You can see the wisdom of a woman who’s lived life through her words.
Together, we journey through our own chapters and the chapters of those who inspire us.


As photographers, we started out this career separately and individually. I, Emma at age 14 and I, Brizzy at age 10–both receiving our own starter camera to take candid photos of whatever and whomever. We always knew we wanted to be a photographer of some sort. Whether that was capturing weddings, baby portraits, boudoirs, graduations, birthdays, engagements, or scenic, nature/city shots–we’ve fallen madly in love with capturing moments. I would say we take on a realistic and cinematic approach; We appreciate moody, “rebellious” shots and whimsical, delicate shots. We just love to mix it up and have fun with our subjects! A comfortable, effortless environment is what we aim for! Together, we work hard to capture the conscious and subconscious of whoever and whatever it is we’re photographing.
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Our Travel Dates



Dublin, Ireland: October 18-21
Edinburgh, Scotland: October 21-26


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