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Natives to Serial Moving

Born and raised in Southern California, but natives to serial moving. Emma has lived in Kansas, Montana, and at one point in Japan–she now settles in Louisville, Kentucky. Brizzy, however only ever moving to Texas during her insufferable pre-teen years, did find herself in an array of neighborhoods throughout San Bernardino county, only to end up nestled in the High Desert. Brizzy and Emma never crossed paths, not knowingly at least. Two girls, of the same nature journeying through life separately, unaware that one day, they’d encounter one another through one popular online community: Instagram. Online communities can have a track record of superficiality–where it’s all about image and maintaining aesthetic–where arranged “coffee dates” with your online pals don’t always turn out as #AUTHENTIC (sarcasm intended) as you envisioned.

“California to Kentucky”

Moving across the country

However the story with Brizzy and Emma counteract these very realities. Emma was flying to Orange County for two weeks for a family wedding and reached out to Brizzy for a day of adventure. Brizzy replied, “Yeah, sure.” Brizzy wasn’t aware that she’d be meeting her birds of a feather friend. On September 7, 2015, cue the dramatic, movie score (your choice) life as we know it, changed. Brizzy and Emma met in real life and basically I could fill you in on their whole day together but I wouldn’t want to make you jealous. Just close your eyes and picture drives around Los Angeles, great music (Fleetwood Mac + Ben Howard), coffee from Blue Bottle, Mexican food, and a late night trip to Downtown Disney. One year later and they decided to become roomies in Louisville, Kentucky to start a Photography / Story-Teller business. It has been the best decision thus far. Make sure to keep in touch with them on Instagram @brizzyroseandemma to see all their latest photos and adventures!
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